PCI Energy Services

Structural Weld Overlay

Weld Overlay in ProgressPCI recognizes the challenges associated with nickel filler materials in structural overlay applications. In July, 2004, PCI began an extensive research and development program focused specifically on Alloy 52/52M machine GTAW overlays. Our development focused on all process aspects, including welding equipment, welding parameter ranges, shielding effectiveness, and heat-specific filler material analysis.

The result was PCI’s innovative Assigned Progression™ methodology, which enables full orbital progression—desired because it provides efficiency improvements of 40%+ when compared to ‘double uphill’ progression. We have improved production speed, including higher deposition rates, reduced interlayer grinding, and optimized deposit shape control.

PCI has also eliminated the need for machining of completed weld deposits by development of the innovative Speed Contour™ tooling and methodology. Working closely with Westinghouse Design and WesDyne, our process-related development takes full advantage of integrated capabilities of Westinghouse and our full-scale Pressurizer mockups are being used to accurately simulate field conditions, enabling development of effective solutions to field challenges. Today’s equipment and technology enables all five Pressurizer top nozzles to be welded in parallel.