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Fossil Maintenance

Fossil Plant MaintenanceTube Seal Welding

PCI design engineers have a solution to reducing boiler tube leaks. By miniaturizing PCI's Eclipse II™ Vision System, PCI technicians are able to set up the system in the small bore boiler drums through a hand hole. This approach allows low-heat-input fillet welds to be applied to the tube that will stand up to the tortures of boiler start-up operations.

Stuck Stud Removal

After almost 10 years and 600 stuck studs later, PCI is still the leading innovator in stuck stud removal. Utilizing the MDM cutting method, customers find that the type of stud material is of no significance. And, unlike drilling, the harder the material, the faster the process. Since MDM does not employ a drill bit, thread damage is rare and it takes from 50%-75% less time than the conventional drilling process.

Our Inspection Services, Replacement Technologies and Machining & Welding Technologies Repair Services make it possible to service every Fossil need.

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