PCI Energy Services

Decommissioning Solutions

PCI Energy Services has participated in nearly every major plant decommissioning of reactor vessel internals in the United States. From the most publicized U.S. reactor defueling project at Three Mile Island to the most recent decommissioning at San Onofre (SONGS), PCI has been the company looked to for the expertise to segregate and segment the reactor vessel internals for proper disposal. At Three Mile Island, PCI removed the Lower Core Support Assembly (LCSA) from the damaged reactor vessel and took metallurgical boat samples from the reactor vessel bottom.

The removal and segmentation of reactor vessel internals in decommissioning projects at Fort St. Vrain, Shoreham, Yankee Rowe, Connecticut Yankee, and San Onofre involved specially designed equipment and custom field programs to simplify characterization, waste handling and packaging. PCI’s technological expertise and leadership in Reactor Vessel Internals Segmentation continues to grow through “Lessons Learned” and implementation of these lessons into refined processes in each succeeding decommissioning project.