PCI Energy Services


Field Welding

Expertise in manual, machine, and remote welding with temperbead, overlay, cladding, seal, butt and fillet weld applications. These techniques, which can be applied with or without PCI’s Eclipse II™ Vision System for remote applications. The productivity of PCI automatic welding services continues to set world records…all with a rejection rate of less than .03%.

Field Machining

Mechanical Field Machining inventory includes conventional equipment such as outside diameter and inside diameter mountable pipe lathes, as well as mills, drills, and saws.

Advanced machining technologies include Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) and Metal Disintegration Machining (MDM) machining equipment. All these machinable capabilities have been used in both hands-on and remotely-operated applications.

Engineering/Tool Design

Fully staffed group of expert Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Machine Designers, Tool and Die Makers, and CAD Drafters. Their broad based knowledge and skills enable PCI to produce sound, cost effective solutions to machining, cutting and welding projects.