PCI Energy Services

Digital Photogrammetry

PCI recommends and utilizes digital photogrammetry in areas that don’t lend itself to traditional measuring equipment. Areas where measurements need to be acquired from an unstable base such as a boat or projects that require the measurement of an object in motion can now be frozen in the split second it takes to snap a picture. Multiple pictures are taken of an object or area from different perspectives. Using known scale and reference points we’re able to link together and create a 3D block or mosaic of the pictures. Once the blocking and bundling process is complete, measurements, locations, and objects can be extracted from the imagery. Accuracy, directly comparable to that of the theodolite and tracker surveys, is achievable with the photographs. One of the great advantages to the photogrammetry survey is the abundance of information captured during the survey. Once information is frozen in a photograph, it is captured and available to be modeled as needed. Accuracy to 0.001 inches is achievable.