PCI Energy Services

Laser Tracking

Typically, PCI uses a Laser Tracking Interferometer System to perform measurements and surveys for the templating of steam generators. This proven technology gathers target position information in a 3D spherical coordinate system. The system is based on a single-data-collecting instrument that greatly simplifies the setup and relocation of the system hardware in a congested work environment. The laser tracking system can collect a large number of data points in a short period of time, with the advantage that the data is collected “Real Time” with no post processing required to ascertain validity.

  • Accuracy to 0.0005 inches is achievable
  • Measuring is viewed in “Real Time” display mode constantly
  • Trackers mechanically align and track the target, reducing sighting errors and increasing accuracy
  • Automatic leveling system for aligning data level to earth
  • Measuring of large working volumes up to 110 foot radius from one position, and industrial and construction site proven