PCI Energy Services


PCI leads the world in Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) and Metal Disintegration Machining (MDM) advanced machining technologies. These machining capabilities have been used in both hands-on and remotely-operated applications.

EDM is a process that utilizes electrical discharges, or sparks, to machine any electrically conductive work material, including but not limited to, carbide, high alloy steels, and hardened metals of many types.

EDM: Electric Discharge Machining, for material sample applications requiring precise tolerances and/or surface finishes and also for one-of-a-kind applications.

MDM is a spark erosion process commonly used for destructive cutting. Typical applications include broken tool extraction (taps, drills, reamers), metallurgical sample excavation, and stud removal.

MDM: Metal Disintegration Machining is a very successful stud removal system. PCI utilizes a graphite electrode to cut out the core of the stud. The next step is to MDM a wide slot in the remaining stud remnant. A special tool is then used to peel the remaining strip of material. Once the strip is removed, the stud remnant can be collapsed and removed.