PCI Energy Services

Environment & Safety

Providing a safe and healthy workplace is a fundamental business responsibility, and one that we take very seriously. PCI is fully committed to continuing the development of a strong company-wide health and safety culture focused on preventing and correcting hazards and safety concerns before an injury occurs.

We believe that our commitment of providing our employees with the resources, training and tools necessary to perform their job in a safe manner will result in a world class safety culture. We not only ensure compliance with applicable safety and environmental standards, but go beyond what is required and set the standard for safety performance in our industry.

Our safety reports emphasize the high degree of importance that PCI places on protecting our employees. In return, PCI expects and requires all employees, visitors and contractors to follow all safety policies, procedures and programs at all times.

The highest regard for safety is an uncompromising company value and we encourage all employees to adopt safe work practices at home, as well as at work, to enhance the quality of life for all PCI employees.