PCI Energy Services

Critical Leadership

for field welding, custom tooling, and machining services for the nuclear power, fossil, ethanol energy and petrochemical industries.


Come to the company that knows your plant inside and out. Our OEM knowledgebase and experience working in your facility — or those like it — give us the unique ability to respond to your RFP with a plan that will ensure that your project is done right and is on time and on budget — every time. And then our project engineers and shop crew design, mock up, and deliver your solution, capitalizing on our unique technologies and effective use of local resources. This is how we make sure that we are truly your cost-effective service provider.


We recognize that the strategic management of planned outages and emergency repairs is critical to your success. And to ensure quick, accurate results, we've developed a unique Operations Control Center to serve as your single point to coordinate your entire project. In it, you'll find experts from all of our departments, staffing charts, equipment tracking boards, and everything else we need to support our field activities. Have an emergency? We're on call 24/7/365 and can start working towards an effective solution within hours.


As the recognized leader in Electric Discharge Machining, Metal Disintegration Machining, Abrasive Water Jet Cutting, and Plasma Arc Cutting, you can be confident that we have the expertise you need. And to further ensure the highest quality solutions, we use proprietary custom welding systems for perfect seal welds, bi-metallic pipe welding, narrow groove welding, and with PCI's Eclipse II™ Vision System, remote mechanized welding. Plus, all of our tooling, metrology, and electronics are all done under our roof. No other energy services firm can match these capabilities!